Based in Waterloo, ON, Canada, Divine Interior Décor is a premier property designing and styling company specializing in transforming residential homes individually 
tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Owner and designer, Daniella L, brings a wealth of experience to the business. She has formal qualifications in interior décor & design, and has spent over 10 years 
working in interior décor, design and visual marketing for multi-national clients.

Daniella is proud to be member of CDECA (Canada’s’ Décor Association)

She is also a Graduate of the Interior Design Institute, a self-confessed interior design addict, she was influenced by her time living in Europe and Australia for 15 years. 

Upon her return she founded Divine Interior Decor to realize her vision for transforming homes to appeal to their owners and to the the buying public in each target market. 
She believes in transforming homes not only into stylish spaces but a marketable commodity to achieve the best sales result.


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A word from the founder

Home Staging is about presenting your home as a stylish lifestyle that potential buyers can imagine themselves living. Look Home Staging will work to get the best 
possible price for your home, fast! ‘

Our Philosophy

Our design philosophy stems from our core belief that ‘No two people are the same’ and this resonates through to our design approach, which is to create unique
individual and authentic solutions that reflect our clients personalities and lifestyles.

Modern and sophisticated, yet relaxed and livable remains the focus of our designs.
Client satisfaction, honesty in design decisions, practicality, and project analysis and budget allocation is an integral part of each project.


We provide our clients with living spaces that emulate a sense of pride. Simple concepts are the basis of the Divine Interior Decor identity; they form the core of our design and construct philosophy and translate into quality products and amazing interiors.


Our Motivations

Establishing relationships with our clients and interpreting their desires and needs. Imagining the space to include the people who live in it and use it. Understanding the 
livability of a space and understanding the uniqueness of every environment.


No matter how big or small the project or renovation, we are committed to ensuring that it runs smoothly, finishes on time and within budget. The key to its success is the 
strategic coordination and micro management of trades and suppliers.


We streamline the communication process and ensure our clients are informed every step of the way.

Why Choose Us ?

7 Reasons you will get more than you expect when engaging Divine Interior Decor for your next kitchen, bathroom or renovation project:

INNOVATIVE UNIQUE DESIGNS - Divine Interior Decor create unconventional, personalized and unique spaces. Expect unique and expect to be blown away!


METICULOUS DETAIL - Our meticulous production techniques and quality use of materials ensure we exceeds your highest expectations. 


CONCEPT TO COMPLETION - Divine Interior Décor provides a total and seamless solution by integrating our interior design services with individual construction services. 


UP TO THE CHALLENGE - Our design team, technical experience and creative vision ensure the design not only suits the space but maximizes functionality.


VALUE THAT LASTS - Divine Interior Decor offers the best price/quality/design ratio. Sure, we have no doubt you will probably find cheaper. 


OUR GUARANTEE - Our quality guarantee covers all our products and ensures you are secure in the knowledge that we stand by our services. 


VERSATILITY - At Divine Interior Decor we are flexible when it comes to working with your individual needs and requirements. Whether your project is small or of a large scale. 


How we work

All of our projects begin at the design phase and at Divine Interior Decor we offer this service at the highest level. Our exquisite interior designers will work with you to turn your project into an aesthetic, practical and successful design.


Our qualified design team pride themselves on their continuing professional development and in depth training  ensuring they  produce better living environments for today’s lifestyle.

From design, your project will then move forward into the construction phase, where our experienced Site Manager oversees all of the construction work and co-ordinates and 
schedules all trades to ensure quality is maintained and a seamless flow throughout the project.


So you know exactly what to expect from our design and construct service here
is a step-by-step 


During this consultation our qualified interior designers will assess the property, review and consult on house plans and discuss your project requirements in detail. 

By talking with you we will establish your individual requirements for the space, the function of the room/s, layout options, aesthetics, your must haves and your wish list. 
If commissioned we are qualified to provide design services and selections for any room within the home.


Following the initial consultation we will present you with a client proposal agreement, which once agreed upon commissions us to proceed with the design. 

The agreement outlines the scope of works for the design and the associated fees, which is based upon the estimated amount of working hours of the project. 

Divine Interior Decor works on both small and large-scale projects and our fees are calculated based on the scope of work.


During the Concept stage of the design process we will survey the property, establish the design brief and produce concept drawings for your project. In our studio we will present our preliminary design proposal.


The proposed design encapsulates your wants and individual requirements all ascertained in the brief. We will explain our thinking behind the design and present our concepts and recommendations.



During the Design Development Stage the design is further developed and any necessary modifications are made to the design. Prior to providing the final quotation, all drawings and specifications including finishes and fixtures are finalized.


A site meeting with relevant trades will be required to establish costs associated with the project.



A detailed quotation including a complete specification schedule and scope of works for the project are then issued.


To engage our services for the construction works and

commission us to carry out the project we require completion of a approved contract, approval and sign off of all drawings and specifications as well as an initial 
deposit of 5-10% depending on the total project cost.


At this stage we will also discuss a proposed timeline for construction and to co-ordinate the project from start to finish.


If commissioned we are qualified to provide design services as well as source and supply everything for any room within the home including floor and wall coverings,
lighting, soft furnishings and other materials including furniture, ornaments, curtains, rugs, artwork, carpets, and other accessories for interior decoration.  


We have access to a large and exquisite range of trade only fabric houses and furniture suppliers. Obviously every project is unique and we will tailor our services to suit your individual requirements.
Furnishing & Decoration Services include :

    Furniture selection, supply and installation
    Selection and specification of all hard / building finishes
    Soft furnishings including fabrics and window treatments (manufacture and                           installation)
•    Custom furniture design
    Space and furniture planning
•    Flooring solutions, including tiling, carpets and rugs
•    Interior and exterior color schemes
•    Placement of design accents and accessories


Quality & Guarantee


Divine Interior Décor manual and creative tradition distinguishes each product and leads to the creation of  personalized unique interior environments. This artesian tradition 
combined with modern production techniques ensures quality is first class in every detail.



In order to achieve the utmost in functionality, every kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe and interior space is designed incorporating the latest technical components. Our attention 
to detail guarantees efficiency, so the space can be used and appreciated every day, not just for its beauty.

    electronic touch open doors and drawers
    latest door lift mechanisms
    very latest pop up mechanisms
    easy open and soft close drawers and doors
    state of the art sliding mechanisms