Frequently asked questions

Why Should I Engage a Professional Interior Designer?

Designing residential interiors requires a very focused skill set which encompasses and relates to structural boundaries, building code compliance, ergonomics, the use of sustainable materials, interior lighting as well as other various aspects of the built environment. By engaging an Interior Designer you will ensure your likes, needs, lifestyle and budget are
within the reality and requirements of your home or apartment whilst also ensuring the end result is more collected and unique. As professional Interior Designers we are members of the Canadian Decorators Associations (CDECA). As CDECA members we must meet minimum requirement of experience in the interior design field and possess the appropriate balance of education, ethics, professional experience and ability.

What Are the Benefits of Engaging a Design Firm?

Whether you are renovating a single room or your entire home or apartment, the renovation process can be a very stressful process not to mention most people are extremely time
poor these days and simply don’t have the time to invest that is required.
Our studio provides a total and seamless solution by integrating its interior design services with individually handcrafted joinery and professional services. This means that you get a wealth of skills and areas of expertise and only have to deal with the one company when it comes to handling Interior Design.

Will I Be Given a Copy of the Plans during the Design Phase?

As a design firm we retain full copyright of the design and only hand out working drawings / plans once an approved contract has been signed for the design works. Our room
design fees are therefore charged at a cheaper hourly rate and do not reflect ownership.
Whilst we do not hand out physical copies of the plans we do spend as much time as
necessary going through the designs to ensure you understand each and every element. We also welcome you to come in and view the plans in our studio at any time.

How Do We Ensure Everything Remains within Our Budget?

It’s important that the designer ascertain a clear project budget as a part of the brief and prior to commencing the design process – otherwise they are flying blind. If you are unsure
of the costs involved and would like to ascertain this prior to commencement we are able to perform a full feasibility study prior to the commencement of any design work.

The feasibility study is provided at a small cost but will allow you to examine and breakdown the overall costs and budgets to allow you to evaluate the proposed project.
At the completion of the design phase you will be presented with a detailed quotation for the construction phase so that you ensure you have a clear picture of total costs before proceeding.

Will You Work with My Architect or Building Designer?

Absolutely. We often work with architects and building designers. Whilst we both share common knowledge, we will both bring to the table specific talents and abilities that relate
to your project.
The interior of a building evolves directly from the conceptual ideas of the building itself as is the building directly impacted by the design of the interior.
So it’s imperative that these two elements work in harmony – so working together as a team will create the best final product.

Are You Insured?

Yes. All our insurances are up to date.

Can You Design and Renovate My Apartment?

We design and renovate a lot of apartments so we are very familiar with the challenges and opportunities that are specific and unique to apartments. We have extensive knowledge
when it comes to understanding access, permissions, approvals and of course neighbors.

Can You Renovate Any Room in My House or Apartment?

Yes. We can assist you with design and renovation of any room in your house or apartment. We specialize in residential interior architecture, additions and renovations and Divine Interior Décor have the license to undertake all these types of interior renovations.

Can You Supply My Appliances?

Yes, we are aligned with several appliance companies and receive very competitive prices. An important part of the design process is understanding your cooking requirements and
our designers and appliance partners can assist you in the selection process.
You may choose to organize your own appliances, however we do require them to be fully specified to finalize the design process as well as delivered to our factory before manufacturing commences to ensure the project remains on schedule.

Do I Have to Be Home during the Renovation?

No. It’s entirely up to you. You may decide to move out or go on holidays whilst the renovation is happening. Either way you can rest assured knowing your home will be in good hands, with strict key security measures in place, full supervision of the renovation and a team that will always respect your home and your privacy. You’ll have complete peace of mind working with Divine Interior Décor.

How Long Will the Renovation Process Take?

If it’s a typical kitchen renovation you will generally be without your kitchen for approx. 2-3 weeks and bathroom approx. 3-4 weeks. However it really depends on the extent and type of renovation work to be done. If you are relocating walls / services or combining rooms it can take a little longer. You’ll find Divine Interior Décor run a very efficient manufacturing and construction schedule where the entire renovation is programmed out with timelines. We understand the importance of ensuring your project runs like clockwork and causes as minimal disruption to your lifestyle as possible.